Steps for Fixing Vacuum Leaks

Many people have been following us over the past year and we are sharing what is needing to be done to fix those nasty vacuum leaks. While there are many ways to fix them this is what we believe to be the best. Do not skip steps. We know some people say just skip that part as it doesn't matter. We do not believe that here at Every step is here for a reason. If you are not having leaks that is great for you however what if you could do some small changes to make the machine run even better.

You don't have to buy the parts from us. If you do that is great and we thank you for your support. If you want to go to another store that is great as well. We are all here to support each other and make sure we have freeze drying machines that work! Every machine that we have owned from Harvest Right has had these fixes completed even if we were not having errors and we have seen each and every time that they have been followed an even better running machine.

We will be getting new videos made for this site however right now the best video that we recommend is located here: Donald's Fix Video